Healthy pancakes for athletes

  • easy to digest with low carbohydrate content
  • soy-free
  • without yeast
  • based on mineral-rich almond flour
  • high in fiber
  • a lot of protein
  • suitable for people on a low sugar diet
  • developed in accordance with nutritional principles
  • high biological value
  • very good amino acid profile
  • natural content of vitamins and minerals
  • natural omega 3 fatty acids
  • very easy to prepare
  • preservative-free

Healthy and high-protein pancakes that are up to 48% protein and 18% fiber! The product is ideal for athletes, people on a low sugar diet and anyone who wants to eat healthy. The contents of the package allow you to make 850 g of pancakes.

Mini protein pancakes are an ideal supplement to a protein diet, as they contain only 7g of sugar per 100g and as much as 48g of protein! Thanks to their unique composition, however, they have a deliciously sweet pancake flavor. The high fiber content helps digestion and allows the sugars to be absorbed gradually so that we have energy for a long time.