Buckwheat – dark protein bread made from buckwheat flour

Buckwheat – dark protein bread made from buckwheat flour


Dark high-protein bread made from buckwheat flour, one of the best sources of plant protein. With only 0.7% sugar and 31% protein, it is an ideal healthy diet item for anyone on a low-sugar or high-protein diet, such as athletes, diabetics or those on a ketogenic diet.

Can something that is tasty also be healthy? Of course. Our buckwheat flour bread is a very tasty dark bread that is also very healthy. The properties of buckwheat flour are truly impressive, and support the heart and circulatory system, muscles, helps control blood sugar levels, and is beneficial in the fight against osteoporosis.

Buckwheat flour contains niacin, amino acids, vitamin D, potassium, phosphorus, iron and calcium, and more than a dozen other vitamins and minerals in smaller amounts. We recommend almond flour bread for all supporters of dark bread.

INGREDIENTS: vital wheat gluten, defatted almond flour, buckwheat hull flour, sweet apricot kernel flour, sunflower seed, flaxseed, almonds, pink Himalayan salt, spices, yeast.

Allergens: May contain traces of cereals and products containing gluten, nuts, eggs, milk, sesame and soy.

Method of preparation:

1. pour the contents of the package into a bowl, add the yeast from the included sachet and add 240 ml of lukewarm water, stir 2 min.
2. you can add additional seeds, salt or spices (cumin, basil, garlic, rosemary…) if you like a more pronounced flavor
3. place the dough in a baking pan or form a loaf or buns of any shape on a baking paper lined tray
4 Cover with a cloth for 45 minutes in a warm place to rise
4 Put the cake in the oven or preheated to 190 degrees and bake for about 50 minutes, or bake in a bread machine

Additional information



Wartość energetyczna w 100g

230 kcal/970 kJ

Proteiny (białko) w 100 g

31 g


07 g

w tym cukry w 100g

07 g

Tłuszcze w 100 g

5,9 g

w tym kwasy tłuszczowe nasycone w 100 g

1,4 g

Błonnik w 100 g

5,8 g

Sól w 100 g

1,1 g

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